A Black and White Solution to Toronto’s Troubled Schools

Dr. Howard Fuller
Marquette University, Institute for Transformation of Learning
Society for Quality Education

The recent controversy in Toronto over a proposed alternative Afri-centric school has focused the debate on whether parents should have more of a say in how their children are educated. High dropout rates, unsafe schools, and poor achievement put strains on society and our economic health. So what is the solution? Dr. Fuller will address the Economic Club of Toronto to propose what are sure to be provocative suggestions for reforming Ontario’s education system. Allowing competitive, market-like influences to improve education is one of them.

The High Price of Waiting for Care

Dr. Brian Day President Canadian Medical Association

With its abundant resources and rich history, Canada has patients enduring lengthy waits for access to needed health care services. This is a travesty, but until now a travesty measured only incompletely by the suffering and horror stories of patients and their families. The President of the Canadian Medical Association, Dr. Brian Day, will release important new data detailing the staggering economic cost — as well as the tragic human cost — that waiting for care exacts on Canadians. More than simply a message of doom and gloom, however, Dr. Day will also unveil a new CMA initiative designed to mobilize Canadians and spur policymakers into carrying out the kind of action that will reduce and even eliminate excessive wait times.

Five Senior and Chief Economists from Canada’s Largest Banks

The Economic Club of Toronto is proud to present the most important financial event of the year: the only gathering of the Senior Economists from Canada’s largest banks. They will be together on one panel to provide insight, opinions, and discussion about the upcoming economic year. In addition, Michael Marzolini, Chairman of POLLARA, will release exclusive poll results on the attitudes of Canadians towards the economy for 2008.

Hollowing Out: Is Corporate Canada An Endangered Species?

Thomas d’Aquino
Chief Executive & President
Canadian Council of Chief Executives

In the span of a few years, some of Canada’s best-known corporate names have been taken over or taken private. This has aroused fears that our country is being dragged back to its branch-plant past, accompanied by a dangerous loss of head offices, economic clout and sovereignty. Thomas d’Aquino, a lifelong advocate of open markets and champion of Canadian competitiveness, is not among the pessimists, but he does believe that the recent wave of takeovers contains important lessons for Canadians and Canadian companies. Mr. d’Aquino, the Chief Executive and President of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, will address these challenges head on, and will share the results of an exclusive new survey of CEOs on Canada’s strengths and weaknesses as a hub for investment and innovation.